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Elektra Micro Casa S1CO Messing

Elektra Micro Casa S1CO Messing

12.980,00 kr

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Elektra Micro Casa S1CO er en smuk manuel espressomaskikne i klassik design, der er baseret på de oprindelige espressomaskiners udseende. Version: Messing

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Elektra Micro Casa S1CO er en smuk manuel espressomaskikne i klassik design, der er baseret på de oprindelige espressomaskiners udseende. Version: Messing

Tekniske specifikationer

Tekniske specifikationer


L 1,8


V 230


Hz 50/60


W 800


cm 45/49


cm 26


cm 26


kg 10



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Model Manual
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  1. Best espresso machine Review by Bill Imray

    Excellent machine! My husband loves it! It makes the best espresso and lattes ever! High quality, super fast shipping, great communication.

  2. What a great machine Review by Marasco

    I have been through stove-top, mocha's, hand-press, and nespresso's. This is hands down the best quality coffee I have ever produced. Whats the catch? First off - you need to know exactly what you're doing, at every step along the coffee roasting, grinding, tamping, and pulling process. One minute to soon on the roast and your cup may taste sour. One extra push on the tamp and you may not get any coffee. This is an art mixed with a strange mesh of scientific rigor. Once you get it down, you will love it and not want to drink another cup of espresso again. By the way, this thing is BE-A-UTIFUL.

  3. Definitely Worth a Shot! Review by Reb Johnson

    For years I had the La Pavoni Europiccolo on my coffee counter. It was always a challenge to get a good espresso with it and it was particularly challenging to get a decent crema. After doing a lot of research, I decided to try this Electra model. Right out of the box, using unfiltered tap water and old beans that had been sitting in the grinder hopper for nearly a month, it made a decent espresso with a full head of crema. The grind was too coarse on that first shot, judging from the speed the espresso ran out of the portafilter, but even with too coarse a grind the shot was satisfying So I'm very happy with this at the start of what will be a learning curve - and I have fresh roasted beans arriving tomorrow. If you're looking at this machine, I recommend you Google "Coffee Geek Elektra Casa Leva," where you can read a very good review of this machine which gives lots of tips on how to use it.

    You will need a good 49mm tamper because the plastic one that comes with the machine is trash (that's my only complaint about what's in the box and it's so minor in the scale of things that I'm still giving this product 5 stars) The Elektra is pricey, but if you prefer a lever espresso machine, this one's definitely worth a shot.

    Update: After the initial post of this review, I've had the opportunity to try it using fresh roasted beans from Klatch Coffee - Belle Espresso blend - and have pulled about 10 shots and made cappucino for my wife a couple times. Every shot has been marvelous, thick with crema, reminiscent of espresso enjoyed in Italy. I calculate that cost-per-shot, this machine will pay for itself in a year. Glad I made this purchase!

  4. I love it! Review by ReNee Spann

    If you are into learning the non-hurried art of espresso making this is the machine for you. I love it!! I am learning sooo much about the grind size, the amount of grounds to use and adjusting everything accordingly. It is perfect if you are a "need to know why" kind of person. I spent 1 hour last night practicing and am getting very, very close to the perfect espresso shot.

  5. Coffee Lover's Piece of Art Review by A. Lover

    This machine not only makes wonderful Coffee but also looks like a work of art in its own right. Shiny chrome and so now for kitchen looks and style, a lot more different than the usual square boxed type coffee machine out there for sale.

    Think of the Old fashioned Coffee bars and this one would not look out of place. We have had our for a few years now but at the moment not in service as the lever needs a slight bit of attention. So just looks good even if not being used. When it was being used it would be everyday up,to two or three times depending on how much coffee we drank. Always a super coffee was pulled from it and the machine itself kept warm for ages due to the marine brass boiler inside. One hefty machine, certainly not a lightweight and extremely well made.

    Now if you do not mind using a lever method, just be careful of teeth. One wrong move with this ones lever and you could end up taking your teeth out.

    Certainly not one for those in a rush to make their coffee first thing in the morning for sure. More for the coffee enthusiast than anything else as you have to want to use a lever, not use pods but fresh beans etc. and take the chance with your teeth.

    The bird on the top an eagle screws onto the top of the machine and makes it look even more spectacular.

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